Mrs. Deeter's 5th Grade


Tuesday, January 30th

As the culminating activity on our study of cells, 4th and 5th grades will be having a “CELL-A-BRATION.” Each student needs to bring an edible model of either a plant or animal cell.  

Classroom News (1/24/2018)

Due to the students' successes last semester on their MAP testing, they have earned a free dress day and "tech" time tomorrow. Also, we are having a "CELL-a-bration" next Tuesday as the culmination of our science unit on cells. If you didn't see the flier yesterday, I will post it on my website tomorrow. 

We are taking a Mulligan on yesterday's math quiz. Most of the students really struggled with it. Today we went back over how to find common denominators and making equivalent fractions. We will continue to practice tomorrow and then take a new quiz on Friday. Practicing math facts at home, will really help your child with fractions and the harder math we will be focusing on going forward.

Classroom News (12/15/2017)

‚ÄčThe kids are working hard to catch up on any missing assignments. I will be updating the gradebook throughout the weekend, so check in to see grade status and missing assignments. Our holiday party will be next Wednesday. On Monday and Tuesday, we will be finishing out the term. When you come by the school, make sure to check out the stairwell. The kids' Renaissance figures are up, and their reports should all be up by Tuesday. They did a great job!

Classroom News (12/11/2017)

‚ÄčThe Chapter 5 math test will be on Friday, December 15. Help your kids with understanding long division. Most are solid with the process, but struggle with their division facts. Please practice at home.

Classroom News (12/7/2017)

Kudos to the kids! The results are in and the vast majority of the kids improved their scores on our recent NWEA testing. In addition, over half surpassed their year-end goals (one year of growth) in reading and/or math in just over three months of school. But we are certainly not resting on our laurels; we will keep pushing in the New Year and make sure all students are excelling. Thanks for your work and support. All learning starts at home.

Monday, December 11, the students will participate in middle school electives to get a taste of what is in store for next year. 

The holiday party will be on Wednesday, December 20. More information to come. 

Classroom News (11/30/2017)

Congratulations to Kaylee Kipp, champion, Richie Muller, runner up, all the students that entered the Geography Bee today (Isaac Arnold, Teagan Lee, Lydia Gregory, and Elly Rickert). They all did great and impressed us with their knowledge.

Classroom News (11/29/2017)

MAP (NWEA) testing is underway. Today, the students completed the reading portion of the test. Over half of the students scored above their year-end goal. Great job, class!!!

We will take the math portion on Friday, and the language arts (grammar) test early next week. Please, encourage your children to continue their hard work.

We need art supplies for our Renaissance projects. Please send in any extra ribbon, fabric, yarn, felt, etc. that you may have. 


Tutoring for math (and all subjects) on Tuesdays from 3:00 to 3:45.