Core Knowledge Units of Study - 2017/2018

History/Social Studies:

  • Map Skills

  • Lakes of the World

  • The Maya, Aztec, and Inca Civilizations

  • The Renaissance and Reformation

  • England: Golden Age to Glorious Revolution

  • The Age of Exploration

  • Early Russia

  • Feudal Japan

  • Western Expansion before the Civil War

  • The Civil War

  • Western Expansion after the Civil War

  • Native Americans: Cultures and Conflicts

  • Geography of the United States


  • Classifying Living Things (Taxonomy)

  • Chemistry: Matter and Change/Periodic Table

  • Cells: Structures and Processes

  • Plants: Structures and Processes

  • Life Cycles and Reproduction

  • The Human Body (the Endocrine System/Puberty/the Reproductive System)

Field Trips and Special Events:

  • Space and Science: US Air Force Academy

  • Denver Zoo

  • Museum of Nature and Science

  • Abraham Lincoln

  • Young Ameritowne